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// Never Wax Again

Ceramic Coating

Elevate your vehicle's allure with our cutting-edge ceramic coating solutions. Experience unparalleled protection and an everlasting mirror-like finish that keeps your car's paint shielded from the elements, all while turning heads at every turn.

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// Ultimate Protection

Paint Protection Film

Discover the ultimate defense for your prized vehicle through our premium paint protection film. Defend against chips, scratches, and the wear of time with an invisible shield that preserves your car's pristine beauty, ensuring every drive is worry-free and stunning.

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// Beat the heat

Window Tinting

Transform your driving experience with our expert window tinting services. Enjoy enhanced privacy, reduced glare, and interior temperature control while adding a sleek touch of style to your vehicle. Unleash the road ahead with comfort and elegance like never before.

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// The ultimate one stop shop

New Car Protection

Introducing our comprehensive New Car Protection package – your one-stop solution for safeguarding your vehicle's brilliance. With a harmonious fusion of ceramic coating, paint protection, and meticulous detailing, this all-inclusive service ensures your new car remains a flawless masterpiece, exuding radiance and allure for years to come.

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Certified installers

Top of the line brands from all over the world. We here at Perfect Finish have the tools and skills to make your car needs happen. See below just some of the brands we carry!

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Carpenter's premier automotive detailing specialists

We are Perfect Finish NC, Carpenter’s premier mobile detailing and ceramic coating shop! Our knowledgeable staff is here to accommodate all your needs and requests. We have been in operation since 2014 and are dedicated to excellent work while respecting your time and property. As a fully licensed, certified and insured car detailing company we can make your car look better than ever at a price you can afford.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automotive Detailing

Car detailing falls into two general categories: Exterior and Interior. Some detailing jobs can be more extensive and possibly more costly than others. Here at Perfect Finish NC, we offer car detailing services for everyone that can fit any budget.

What is ceramic coating?

Protect your paint with the nano-technology provided by ceramic coatings offered at Perfect Finish NC. Ceramic coatings provide protection from contaminants and will defend your vehicle from North Carolina’s ever-changing climate.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

PPF is a transparent film applied to a vehicle's painted surfaces to protect them from rock chips, bug splatter, bird droppings, and other road debris.

Does my car need reconditioning?

Above average wear and tear on your vehicle? Heavy staining to excessive amounts of dog hair are just a few of the things you could want out of your car. The work that goes into resolving some of the different scenarios that can happen inside your car takes time which is what reconditioning is for.

How does PPF differ from ceramic coatings?

While both offer protection, PPF is a physical barrier against impacts and scratches, while ceramic coatings provide a chemical barrier against environmental elements along with abrasion resistance.

Can ceramic coatings be applied to other surfaces besides paint?

Yes, ceramic coatings can be applied to surfaces like wheels, glass, and plastic trim to enhance protection and appearance.